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Level Specifications


Number of Players: 


Development Time: 

Unreal Engine 4


Multiplayer Hero Shooter

Eight Months

Project Overview

This level is the result of a design challenge to create a four player, first person ability shooter boss fight with five minutes of gameplay. 

The character controller was built around the use of a grappling hook to help the players tackle the challenge of a collosal boss. This led to a multitude of design problems, as the metrics of the boss were in complete contrast to the metrics of the player. 

To learn more about this challenge and the solutions I used, please check out the button below!

Level Iterations

(Some of the Levels Built for the Main Arena)

Solving the Metric Problem

The main difficulty of this map was solving three main problems:

  • The boss and players had completely different metrics in terms of sizes versus maneuverability

  • How to accommodate four players at all times

  • During the final phase of the encounter the boss flipped upright, doubling its height

Originally there were seven different arenas constructed. The first set was boss first designed, meaning that the metrics of the boss took precedence over the players. This led to numerous design problems around spacial distance and sightlines.

Donut Arena

(Final Greybox for the Main Boss Arena)

The final issue of the massive metric change introduced in the third phase was to completely demolish the existing arena and drop the players into a new space with the correct metrics for the new encounter. This solution had the bonus of allowing tighter level control in each of the phases, and introduced a new level of cinematic excitement to the encounter.

The Metric Design Problem

(Player Metric Based Arena Greybox)

The next set of arenas flipped from the typical open spaced design often found in boss fights to a donut shape. The donut cut the players sightlines, forced them to get closer to the boss, and allowed for constrainment of the bosses movements. This constrainment was paramount to ensuring that player first metric design could be used without introducing clipping or AI movement issues with the boss.  


(Phase Three Arena Greybox)

To play the game please click the button below!

(Image Showcase of Final Level Including the Tutorial)

Finalized Map Game Play
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