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Village Combat

A single player combat map created to test out and showcase a close range fighting mechanic, similar in style to Dark Souls. 


The Opera House

A single player horror game experience controlled with a guitar. Jump into the shoes of an up and coming instrumentalist, struggling to save their mentor from the spirits who haunt the Opera House!

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Fourth place entry into the Unity Global Student Challenge, explore the edges of a dystopian world in virtual reality, where gene editing has become the new norm.



Play through a series of relaxing puzzles in this atmospheric adventure.


Control a cute tentacle cat with your friends, avoiding disaster together! Or crush them and become the ultimate survivor. 


Grow Fund Me

Entrant for Wholesome Game Jam, play as a witch raising money with their mystical plants to give to charity! Mix and match your plants to achieve maximum growth!


Special Delivery

Deliver avian justice in this flash inspired arcade game. Spot your target, aim, and give evildoers a special delivery!


Wake of the Scarlet Siren

Sail the high seas in your trusty boat as you dodge dangerous weather and explore the rich narrative of the captive ghosts of the Scarlet Siren. 

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Journey to Snail-hood

A short game where you play as a slug looking for mushrooms! Mix the mushrooms over your cooking fire in interesting combinations in order to become your true form! A snail!


Iterative Larceny

Try and get around the museums defences to steal items! Learn and gain knowledge as you keep trying to not get caught!

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