My Levels

Below are some examples of various levels and environments I've done, spanning several projects and multiple engines. Click to expand and view the process work involved, such as level design documents and diagrams. Lighting process and environment process will be shown at the bottom of each page!


Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag

An Unreal Tournament capture the flag map. I created the entire grey box over the period of one month, and additionally was in charge of organizing and finalizing a Level Design Document to highlight the process. The environment design is currently a work in progress, but the first pass of lighting and effects has been completed on the opening area!


Village Combat

A single player combat map created to test out and showcase a close range fighting mechanic. For this level I created the grey box, layed out and finalized the environment and terrain, lit the level, including the interiors and exteriors, added all the environment effects, and scripted all the environment sound effects

The Opera House

A single player horror game experience, this level was built around the use of an alternate controller. For this game, I was the principle level designer, game designer, sound designer, and programmer. My main duties were to create the level and take it from grey box to finalized map, script the mechanic and enemy AI, script enemy eventsrecord, and implement the sound.



Level Art

Below are some examples of my level art projects. For a look into my process, please click on the images, or check out one of the projects above!

About Me

I love games

I'm Adriana and I adore games and I love designing worlds, levels, and environments! Games are such an incredible medium. No one reads Lord of the Rings and claims that they took the ring to Mordor, but every person who has passed a boss in Dark Souls, or journeyed  through the Omega Relay will tell you about the sense of triumph and heartache they felt as they conquered that challenge. Games give people ownership, they give them a truly amazing and immersive experience, and there is no other platform that can inspire such feelings of awe and wonder on such a personal level.